Sometimes I think poetry is overrated. Daily Drag
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Well I'm not inflicting this opinion on anyone and a lot of people could judge me for this. If you like poetry good for you your life your choice I'm simply giving an opinion. Lol this seems like a disclaimer in most of the TV shows right like everything is fictional blah blah. Anyway this is my opinion and I stick to that and It's actually quite weird considering how much I used to embrace poetry. But over the time I just feel like they are some jumbled up words, well beautifully an*lysed words which use amazing writing style and figures of speech to derail one's mentality. Like if you want to say you love someone then say "I love you" but instead if you start being poetic and say "You are to me what stars are to the sky", well to some it would mean "beauty" and to some it would probably mean "irrelevant shiny particles that are unecessary" which is not the message you wanted the girl to decode right? Basically it is all about perception I understand but however somethings just don't match up it is just exaggerated.

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