Some teachers do become family; rare but magical. Daily Drag
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I know most of us haven't had an epic relationship with our teachers that includes me as well. Like I hated most of them and there's one I still hate as she tried to break my 10 year old friendship just because I didn't say she was my favourite!! I agree, we are young in schools and sometimes we assume wrong stuff about teachers when they are just trying to make us a good human BUT!! sometimes humans are indeed bad! Degrees can get you a job but to be a teacher is something that comes from within.

There's one such person in my life and her name is Parul Chauhan. I hated studying, hated all the subjects and she was the english teacher in 9th standard and english being a subject that was unnecessary in my opinion then. All our seniors said she is strict and so I wanted to be disciplined I was academically good (otherwise dumb af tho), anyway so she taught me for four years and my life changed. She became my idol! I have been through some tough times and I think of her, how she taught me to be, selfless, fearless, even though I;m none of these things but I try to be and after years today I got one of her video recording and tears dropped through my eyes. She is still the gorgeous and independent woman with her incredible ideologies. That is what I call teaching! Something that makes students believe in hope and have faith in themselves even after all those years!

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