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There was a time when in our home towns or villages there were a lot of social platforms, like some carrom clubs or cricket teams, a residence association, even a tea shop groups that had same age people in them. This was our Indian Culture which have been a part of our roots, our identity as Indians because we are not like Americans or other west countries, we have this bond that is unique to each locality, we have this connection with people of same place. These connections are sometimes a little problematic too but f maintained in a limit this is a beautiful social surrounding. By having such social platforms of the same age groups it is easy for us to share our problems because the people who understand maybe not everyone but by knowing everyone we can meet with the person who will understand us and can create friendship which is close to our homes, we will have people who we trust, whom we can call for any emergency. It is beneficial for children too because they can realize that there are different lives, how different each home is, how some children's life is difficult so that our children will value what they have, today children have only this virtual place where being rich is a trend , they have virtual friends who have similar lives because all children has the privilege of having a virtual life in their world but in reality there are children who cannot afford this virtual life, knowing such lives gives an education no school can give. Same goes for women too, sharing problems, sharing food, with the friend whom they can trust to care their children when they are away. These groups will also give celebrations a big family mood when everyone in that place come together for each celebration. But today such social platforms are hard to find, old people do not have their age friends whom they can spend time with when their children are busy, parents are always concerned of their children because they don’t know anyone and can’t trust them, there is no physically proximate friends who we can turn to whenever we want. Though sometimes it seems good that we don’t know anyone, it is actually really pathetic that we lack these bonding, it is this lack of connections that lead people to loneliness and depression to some extent too.

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