Sleep deprivation and no boundaries Grievance
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Lately, because the office and education have come into our houses people are quick to say that it is easier. The problem with offices or educational institutes having access to our personal space means that the work has doubled or tripled. There's no sacred hour to rejuvenate yourself anymore, bosses and professors can drop in a text at 3 AM and ask you to do it by the morning. And its all fair because there's no concept of separation. Home has transformed into office space and so there are no boundaries.
Assignments at midnight are also fair because almost no one has a working sleep schedule anymore. Because there are no real outside interactions, people fill their minds with binge-watching shows. It's a cycle that is greatly upsetting because the concept of routine or discipline that was prevalent in a student or an office goers mind is now gone. And sleep deprivation is a majorly upsetting because even though it doesn't show any signs as such, it affects our bodies in harmful ways.
At a time when immunity is the most important tool, sleep deprivation could cost us that. And yet the ground culture is such that there are no boundaries when it comes to work or studies. At a time as unstable as this, it is sadly r*mpant.


This is so true! The first few months of the pandemic was a "chilling phase". However as soon as the people started to decide doing something productive and focus on their lifestyle which they had been ignoring due to the fast-moving world, office and schools have absolutely destroyed the personal space. all they say is "You have nothing else to do right?". Oh i'm sorry Mrs Chakraborty but i do have my personal life to live!! And then when we fill up a resume they ask us what all skills do you possess. What am i supposed to say? "Oh i can complete assigments till 3 am?" jeez!
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