Slavery is not a word of the past, it is prominent in this age too. Current Affairs
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Slavery always gives a picture in our mind as a historical event where people were shipped from Africa to western countries, the stories of people who suffered in plantations and other sectors all around the world and we assume that the age of slavery is over. But in reality in this age too slavery exists not as a small rare number but widely as 47 million all over the world, these are people that have come under the eyes of the census, it will be obviously more than this number. The country which has the largest number of slaves is India. In old times people sold and bought humans publicly but now everything happens masked, this is the only difference then and now. The ways in which people are subjected to forced labors are different from before, either they make false promises or bind the people to their employer as a debtor, most of these people have to work their wh*le lives under a person because of this high interest, life-long debts. KGF was a movie that showed such slavery where poor people were made to work in a mine and is guarded by armed people to avoid their escape, it is no fiction, there are such places in the world which is exactly as we see in this movie. The main reason that people are tricked to such slaveries is poverty, people are given false hopes and is taken to other countries where their passport and identities are kept with employers and their return to homelands is impossible, such works can be intense labor, sex trafficking and domestic works. People of certain caste are still considered as slaves by the upper castes and are made to work for them with little wages. Children are also trafficked for various purposes from poor households and are used as workers in mines and industries; they are also used for armed conflicts like war in certain countries too. Other form slavery is done very strategically where a girl is married to men who might be agents for human trafficking and is sold off, since the families are poor and thinks that their child is with her husband, they no longer searches for her contacts. In such ways slavery is happening all over the world very widely even in this 21st century after all the protests for abolition of slavery, it is sad that abolition of slavery remains only on papers.

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