She deserves it. K.K Shailaja the top Thinker of 2020. Current Affairs
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It is a proud moment for us Keralites for our Shailaja Teacher has beech chosen by the prospect magazine as the 1st top thinker of 2020 among lot of other great personalities, K.K.Shailaja is also the only Indian in the list. Shailaja teacher is someone who have been the health minister of kerala for many years and now she is proving that she is most deserving person for that position. The sheroism of teacher started to come to the limelight of commoners with Nipah virus outbreak of 2018 which shook the natives with its mortality rates, a virus which could have toppled wh*le surviving system in Kerala if not curbed by the initiative of teacher and many other great people. Covid-19 was another challenge for teacher which she has been working on and the work for which now she is being recognized for. Though Covid has not been curbed it should be noted that the positive cases had been bought to a rate of 0 per day few months back again by the dedication of our health ministry which attained global attention and Shailaja Teacher was called for international event by the U.N. These recognition is something that she rightly deserve because for us Keralites she is a shero since long back. This is a proud moment for women, for Kerala, for India and ultimately for humanity.

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