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It is an age where women have realized her courage and strength to do whatever she wants and go wherever she loves to go, and she should be able to do it no matter what. But the situation around world is a little concerning and disappointing that women have to look for the ‘suitable’ places to do a solo travel. Though women are bold enough to face any trouble, when making a travel plan for going to international places, it is better to look out for comparatively safe countries. This is a time where anyone can go for a travel without a travel guide because there are app for travelling that can substitute the work of travel guides . So we just have to select the best place to travel and everything else will be taken care by these free travel apps.
Iceland: This is a place where anyone can travel blindly because Iceland ranks 1st in global peace index, it is the land of ice and fire where we can witness the magnificent interlinking of stunning glaciers and active volcanoes. Here solo female travelers can enjoy the utmost beauty along with safety.
Finland: the land where there is greatest number of lakes and where northern lights spread its beauty, with islands, wooded reserves, heritage places, splendor of wild life and people known for their chitty chatty friendly nature can be the best for solo travelers as it also ranks first in safety by the World economic forum.
Switzerland: anyone who is Looking for a place that has all the package of natural beauty then Switzerland is the place for travelers, it has snow clad mountains, villages and numerous lakes, grassy valleys and everything that anyone would have ever dreamed of. This can be the best place for having some alone time with nature.
Japan: the land of cherry blossoms also has the blossoms of safety which welcomes anyone with warm hands to their cultural hub with traditional exquisite cuisines and shrines along with magnificent nature giving us both the benefits of a progressive city as well as the Zen of nature. With help of social travel along with other well experienced travelers anyone can enjoy their trip in Japan.

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