Rumors are spread for a reason and we should look out for it. Daily Drag
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Rumors are things that we come in contact with regularly, in our schools, colleges, workplace or in any place in general. Rumors are unverified news that circulates in a place, it can be a misinformation or true. Rumor is different from gossip when gossip is personal kind of information spread about someone, rumor is more formal , it is related to a government, a happening or have a wider sense. It is the way of humans perspective of viewing a crisis and managing it and looking out for adverse situations, like ‘did you hear our department is closing down?’, here a thing that everyone dread is said, they might loose jobs and thus are concerned about it and they add to it or a reduction is made as it passes on. During the beginning of the pandemic haven't we heard rumors of virus being purposefully spread by Chinese government? or the rumor where we were instructed to drink hot water occasionally to avoid the virus?, these are kind of rumors that come during a crisis and we don’t have enough information about it. Some virus is killing people and we don’t know from where it came, how it came, when will it affect us, when will the restrictions and lock-down be taken down, will a vaccine be developed- these kind of lack of information is filled by rumors, some times making our own remedies or worsening the situation like purposeful spreading. People tend to spread rumors when they are anxious, afraid, uncertain and feels like a situation is out of their hand. sometimes rumors are spread if that rumor satisfy our attitudes. Since in this social networking era it is very hard to track down a rumor, we should look out to its authenticity and spread it only after verification because sometime rumors become highly harmful when the situation is more dreadful like our present situation.

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