Return of Expatriates, yet another challenge for our economy. Current Affairs
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During this corona crisis the expatriates have suffered a lot just like the native or more, because the natives are still with their families while the expatriates have to deal all alone or are suffering to lead a family life in expensive cities like abroad. India has a lot of expatriates working east and west and mostly in Arab nations from where now almost half or more expatriates are returning. the amount of job losses are indefinable and all these people are coming to an even more unemployed country, that is India. We must realize that India has a major share of its income coming from these Expatriates, the only profitable area for India might be the same. But as they are returning the challenges are many, the income is going to dwindle a large sum and Government have to get ready to face the intensifying unemployment rates which is already in a pathetic condition. The expatriates who lost their jobs are facing the most uncertain and struggling times as there are no alternative livelihood for them here. The treatment of government towards expatriates have also been not in good terms which effect the future investments of theses people into India. The expatriates’ role in growing India economically is something undeniable and very great, seeing the present situation of wh*le structure of expatriates and joblessness seems to be in a challenging edge.

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