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I’m always rejected and hated by everyone from the day I was born to this day where I’m married and have a family. My dad dispised the fact that I was born a girl. I was bullied in school and had no friends in the neighborhood or at school. I didn’t feel loved by my siblings and my mom was busy working and never sat with me her only daughter to ask why I used to cry and hated school. I grew up to be very defensive as people would always try to bother me or ridicule me. I have more stories from a young age to my current age but my brain is thinking faster than what I can type


Calm sorry to hear your story dear. Tell me more about it.maybe sharing would release your bu*den. Also don't feel that this end of the world. There are many things to look for...but first unbu*den yourself by telling why you feel that way..Take care


Hey hey...calm down. I have been through the same even though I was a boy. I was bullied in school, never had a gf, my sibling would tease me, my parents never took note of me, but you know what I survived and I am doing well for myself...I have a good job and now looking for a match...its not that bad trust me.


Hi QA, How are you today? I have seen your post and observed few good things. 1. You love yourself a lot. 2. You are very intelligent 3. You have very good observation skills 4. You are aware of what’s happening around you. 5. You have a family to take and receive care from. So many good qualities in one person wow. Now what I feel is you need to slow down your thinking process or rather realign your thinking with the circ*mstances by rephrasing your situation. Ask yourself, whatever you think about the people is based on your assumptions or it’s based on the facts. You have to stop making assumptions and start taking people on their face value only. Ask me if you want me to elaborate. E.g. if you ask your child to have dinner now and he says “no I will not have now” Instead of you thinking that ‘see if his father or grandmother would have asked him to eat he would have said yes for dinner. Just because it’s me he said no. He don’t like me , he hates me etc. “ Instead you should have take it as - he must not be hungry , may be eat a little late or let me add his favourite mango yoghurt with the dinner which may change his mind. You are your own boss. It’s your behaviour and perception which decides your win in any situation. Another thing you have to do is Try to think positively and whatever wrong people are doing to you is their actions and you don’t have to carry the bu*den of someone else’s actions. You just do what you like people should do to you. These are some things you can try and they will 100% work. Take it easy and respect your life..Your happiness will come from within. You don’t need to make everyone happy. You will never be able to Don’t expect anyone to take responsibility of your happiness Someone or the other will find a reason for not comply with your thought process. Let it be. Do good and Be good always. Most importantly practise to think from others perspective also. Not only with 1 angle. Sometimes switching shoes helps in sorting out mess in your mind. Stay blessed and stay safe and healthy Meditation is an amazing companion. Try it sometimes. It will always gives you peace of mind and relaxation.
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