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i just turned 13 a few months ago, and i live in a neighborhood that mainly has white decent. I know i might be sounding racist too, but i just feel out of place, and sometimes i receive weird looks. Sometimes even, i receive racism- and no not from other children my age, otherwise i would be able to manage it, but other adults. I can't do anything about it, and it's just so frustrating. Now that I realize it, I receive a lot more racism more often than i'd like to admit. I just don't know what to do anymore (and im REALLY not good at standing my ground when it comes to adults).


Racism really gets on my nerves. Well the people who think color defines inferiority, I pity them, they are deranged I get it. But the people who support the black and white stuff just cz its trending and posts all over their social medias. but when its about taking an actual stand they never do not cz they scared to step out that is okay, but because they don't believe in equality. Must be hard for you. Have you talked to someone who understands you? A friend or parents anyone?
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