Please don’t judge me it was hard for me to write this and any haters will be blocked Relationship Myself
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So I used to like this boy in middle school since 7th grade and he used to not like me during that time so as soon as I was in 8th grade he started sending me signals and we used to talk and I was happy and since coronavirus came in March we stop talking cuz school was online that made me sad so we haven’t talk since then then in July he finally started talking to me again but then it would feel like not the same it made me sad then after that I was happy cuz I finally had someone to talk to but then after a while he stopped I felt lonely alone no one to actually listen to me my parents don’t really seem to know what I’m going through i feel like I would like to run away for a while drift for while (sorry if this don’t make sense I was crying while writing this) :(
I only need one person I can talk to who will not leave me alone please my Instagr*m is most wanted._.Tatiana


Hey there. It's okay alright? Sometimes nobody understands us and maybe we don't understand as well and they must be thinking the same as us right? I'm sure all of it will be over soon and you'd realise the things with the guy were same and you were just overthinking or maybe things might change but you would end up finding someone else or you might even not need anyone but you would fall for something that would make you so passionate! Try to open up to your friends, its all about a good communication.


Don't worry, this is normal. Everyone wants someone to talk to so if you want someone, there is nothing wrong. Please be careful of wrong online profile and find true friends, that's all
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