Pets are more than just animals, they can be our happy pills. Relationship Pets
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I guess people who don’t love animals will be very rare to find because human-animal bond is something that everyone cherish, I have a cat and the love I have for it is the proof I myself have seen. It is said that having pets can brighten your mental health so it is not just fascination that we get from a wagging tail, a purring cat, or even a mooing cow, its more that just that. the happiness I feel while seeing my cat is indescribable and the concern I have for it when it gets sick shows how deep can these relationships get. Having pets can help people who are living alone or for people who have lost any of the loved ones not because pets can replace them but we have someone to share our love with and that is an important thing to have. Especially during this lock-down for people who are trapped alone suffers most but if they have a pet with them during that time it is gonna make a lot of change, of course pets cannot solve all mental problems but it can help to an extent. For elderly and children having pets with them can prove beneficial in very many ways. Playing with them, talking to them, caring for them is not mere entertainment, it is a therapy in itself.

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