People have lost their sense of individuality and just go with the flow. Daily Drag
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People no longer want to either have or give a logical reason. You tell them orange is not a fruit but a vegetable, they will be like "really!" like not even trying to find out the truth like so gullible man! I see people all around me believing literally anything that is being said about anyone! Even they go out of the boundaries and create a huge issue out of nothing just false rumors' and half information. Everyone is friends with this guy Laksh who is pretty much an academic genius, dope at sports and thankfully he has a logical reasoning about himself. People just follow him as no matter what he does, teachers support him. So whenever something happens, students wait for his opinion and do what he does. I mean they do it because the teachers are on his side. But suppose if he was academically good with teachers on his side but a total dumbass making irrational decisions. The crowd would still follow him. Imagine the havoc it would create!!!! Students must be encouraged to be independent or else they will just keep being others' shadow for the rest of their lives.

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