People away from homes during Covid. Daily Drag
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Due to this Covid crisis there are a lot of people who are unable to come back home to their places houses and villages, these people might have been away from home before too but what makes this time different from others is that it is not easy to come back, and it is not clear how long will this anticipation of coming back home will go on, this makes these people even more isolated and depressed. My sister came back from Bangalore only yesterday, it has been 7 months since she has come home because of the chaos going on, she could no longer endure the waiting and just came back. Home has such uniqueness to it because we never understand its value until we are away from it. When this covid virus was spreading including father were all in different faraway places and the anxiety we went through was very intense because we never knew when we all could come together and were also afraid to travel as it was also risky. Home will be complete in its warmth and existence only when everyone is in the house. I rediscovered the meaning of home due to these dark times


That is so beautiful. Of course, the pandemic has been quite horrifying, but through ashes, we rise right? And it has been a great lesson to wh*le of humanity, how in a cli*k, in a flash, we can lose anything and everything. Life is so unpredictable and we're all in the end helpless when it comes to the natural forces. Instead of just creating a castle of maybe and what ifs we should actually get down in the battleground and fight! Give a hardcore fight for what we actually want instead of what we are supposed to want. Embrace our loved ones!
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