Overthinking is like a disease...sorry it is a disease. Relationship Myself
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Every one of us indulges into overthinking some time or the other. The uncontrollable thoughts that we get, we link so many dots out of no where, which in reality cannot be justified. One thing leads to another, things that were once at the back of heads start coming to surface, we start cooking up stories, half of the time it doesnt even make sense. We put ourselves through mental torture. I did indulge in it for quite sometime, and honestly it was like my head would explode. I used to think about things that were not there, but I had to overthink because my mind wouldn't just stop. I would distract myself, but no, from somewhere or the other thoughts would pop up again.It also sometimes leads us to become control freaks as I had become. It hinders our growth as well. Being so much in our heads has never gone done well for me, infact it has only led to missed opportunities. My overthinking had sprouted from my growing insecurities. Self-doubt led me to think things that were not there and honestly not required. Even if we have a postive thought going on, overthinking has the power to make it into negative one. We start manifesting negative thoughts and in the end universe gives us back the things that we had manifested. It is hard to let go of it completely, but when we stop it feels like a breathe of fresh air. Our minds are so relaxed and free. I make it a point everyday now to not overthink things, just go for it, and embrace the results however they may turn out to be.


I won't term it as disease but it is very very scary. It's like we can't stop ourselves from assuming the negative things, probably because we don't want to stop ourselves from it! We want to explore the deep core of where all that wrong is coming from and we keep getting deeper and deeper and deeper into it! It's indeed scary isn't it!


Indeed! scary and messed up AF!
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