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The youth in India are food lovers and the food cultures have been drastically changing from traditional Indian food to many others. The youth today are interested in food and health more than anything, this can be seen in the social media statuses of youth where it will be either a photo of a cuisine or something new they are cooking. Youth even travels to places for having unique cuisines that is famous or to try new food. This will include both their crazes, that is, travel and food. School children would love schools that are situated near cities that will give them chances to go out and eat with friends. Me and my friends go out whenever we get a chance or even get together just to go to a restaurant. These changes are also the impact of globalization and technological invasions where the youth knows more about another country more than their own. The frequency of families going out to eat has also increased. Before when we go to a restaurant there might be a fixed list from which we always choose but today we are more of experiment eaters than that. Because we have seen pictures of food that is exotic or we might be watching a movie of another country and we are curious to know their taste preferences. More than Indian restaurants we have more Arabian, Chinese, fast food Italian restaurants on our go to list. If we don’t go out we are always in a mood to try out new tastes. During this pandemic time many people are missing their restaurant outing s and so they are more into cooking everything that they once bought. Now our daily lives have become bread toasts and coffees rather than dosas and chai. Our grandparents would be sad about this but this shows that we are ready to welcome changes and new tastes rather than sticking onto old traditions but we should always value our cultural food because it is only us who can preserve it and not the Italians.

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