online games are not always an anti-hero. Daily Drag
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Everything has it own benefits and harm, but sometimes certain things are always attributed with only the harm they cause. Online games are such things which everyone has a negative view about. Yes online games can be harmful and violating(considering the action video games) but the online arena is not something that has these elements, it has some benefits too. There are games that can be progressive to children. it can develop learning skills which will boost grasping power which will make school learning easy, increases memory and concentration teaching how to avoid distraction, it will train to be multitasking because certain games demands it and this skill will benefit in the future. In this time of pandemic group online games are also benefiting in socializing. For grown ups too there are games that are beneficial such as general knowledge games and problem solving games which helps in brainstorming and acquiring more knowledge. Keeping this in mind we should also be alert not to get involved in harmful games too. In simple way,it is not justifying when people say that online games are always negative.

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