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To keep yourself motivated wh*le day the first thing to do is to be on track and focus on your goal or the activities you are interested in. You have to plan your routine in that direction. Make your dreams and goals specific and do your work in that direction so that your target is achieved in time and you do not have to waste your precious time in a directionless way. If you feel dull and de-motivated in the morning, it is not a good sign and you should buck up yourselves and do some fun exercise like go for morning walk, do some exercise in the fresh air and also play some games so that you feel energetic and it motivates you to do more work in the direction of your goal. It is believed that if one does something regularly it becomes the habit of that person and he becomes perfect in that work. So, if you want to keep yourself motivated you should do your work daily and set up a routine so that you become successful in achieving your goal. It is very important to have some purpose in your life so it is mandatory to know why you are doing something and what all you have to do in completing that purpose. Also, if you are not aware that why a particular thing has to be done it is meaningless to pursue your all efforts in that direction so, keep your purpose clear in your mind to proceed in the right direction and keep yourself motivated.


Yes regularity is one thing that would work even if its something that you hate. Personally, I hated working out, probably as i had never tried it and also even jogging used to make me sick I am so not an athletic person while all my friends are the gym-goers and sometimes i do feel left out when they talk about certain forms and techniques and i sit there like a dumb person. So in the lock down I started working out using the stay fit apps and it has been recording my daily progress. If I miss one day, i feel extremely regretful and that regret actually made me keep track and regularly exercise. So make and follow the routine. It will be hard initially for few weeks but keep telling yourself you have to do it!
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