Offence of sedition- Even gestures and your words will suffice the offence!!! Current Affairs
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The offence of sedition under section 124-A is somewhat narrower than what is under the Common Law. It includes within its ambit only exciting disaffections, hatred or contempt irrespective of whether there is any disorder following it or not towards the Government established by Law. Thus, sedition is disloyalty in action, hence all those acts which excite discontent or disaffection or create a public disturbance or lead to civil war or bring into hatred or contempt into action
The “words, signs, visible representation or otherwise” as stipulated above must be exercised in a manner in order to bring or attempt to bring into hatred or contempt towards the Government established by Law. Even an attempt to do so will suffice. It is immaterial whether he succeeded or not, but an attempt also will make the Law to step into. But the Law will steps only when the innermost feeling of hatred or contempt excites disaffection against the State but not merely a feeling that cannot be fathomed.
Even if an offender is making certain gestures and attempting to bring hatred, it will qualify the offence of sedition.

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