No jobs left in this situation so we are running back home Current Affairs
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The COVID crisis has left many of us without jobs and so many are travelling back home, where they once thought there were not enough opportunities.Now, that is completely true still. The opportunities that used to be there as well are now completely gone. So what do we do then? How will we start a life where we decided we wouldn't have a life. And how are people running back to somewhere they left?
I think the simple answer is that people have things back here, family and land. And even if they don't have any. There is a strange feeling in the cities that you weren't born in. There is nowhere in this world that I would feel as well as I do as in my hometown. But that doesn't mean that my hometown gives me a lot of opportunities.
I guess we always want something that feels warm. And somewhere it helps.
That means that we are running back to places because there are no jobs. Yet we are hopeful that we can go back to the places we run because that is where we think we will have a perfect life.
But there are no jobs left. Not where we ran from, and neither where we are running to. Then what do we do?

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