Frustrated in office and life? Don't worry you can 'VentAllOut'; a unique platform for irked majorities

The platform emerges with the unique concept to allow people to express themselves and vent their frustration uninhibited and anonymously.

VentAllOut, the latest social platform, may be a new kid on the block but shows immense promise as a structurally well-built network.

It stands out from others on its ability to allow users to freely express their long-hidden frustration and daily drag. What's even better is the anonymity it provides users to vent freely on without having to expose their real identity.

This especially comes at a time when major social media platforms are facing flack for playing with user data and privacy issue. The new social platform is a relief from the overdose of sentimental posts by relatives and friends and people are not interested in but feel obliged to indulge in.

VentAllOut: Go Anonymous and Share Your Thoughts on This Platform Without Being Judged

In a world ruled by social media, posting a wrong status update has sometimes even turned out to be fatal. There have been reports where a post on something as simple as a relationship status change has resulted in suicide, especially among teenagers.

This Delhi social media startup is changing the business of emotions

Along with stress management and depression, anger management is yet another arena in the mental health category that is growing slowly and steadily, introducing a fresh business concept in the wellness sector.

Platform Feature: VentAllOut

Emotions, stress and disappointment– any negative expression suppressed within people leads to adverse effects like increase in the rate of crime, suicide, depression and lower productivity in life or at work. The concept of Smash rooms and Break rooms, is lately in demand in India, by a class of the society who can affordto pay for releasing their emotions that usually cannot be expressed outright.

It is a social platform for “Freedom of Expression”.

The Delhi-based Healthtech startup founded by Sumit Mittal in January 2018 – VentAllOut leverages its platform as a podium for people to express their emotions, opinions, and sentiments anonymously on varied topics of interests, promoting healthy discussions and active networking based on content preferences.

How frustrated are you with your hectic office schedule or simply with your colleagues? Do you also time to time feel the need to vent it all out on something that does not harm you? You're in the correct space because Mr. Sumit Mittal felt the utter need to create something as exciting as a platform where you can vent it all out.

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