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Frustrated in office and life? Don't worry you can 'VentAllOut'; a unique platform for irked majorities

The platform emerges with the unique concept to allow people to express themselves and vent their frustration uninhibited and anonymously.

VentAllOut, the latest social platform, may be a new kid on the block but shows immense promise as a structurally well-built network.

It stands out from others on its ability to allow users to freely express their long-hidden frustration and daily drag. What's even better is the anonymity it provides users to vent freely on without having to expose their real identity.

This especially comes at a time when major social media platforms are facing flack for playing with user data and privacy issue. The new social platform is a relief from the overdose of sentimental posts by relatives and friends and people are not interested in but feel obliged to indulge in.

VentAllOut: Go Anonymous and Share Your Thoughts on This Platform Without Being Judged