Nazca Lines and the unsolved origins. Daily Drag
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There are many thing around the world which has no explanations, like the huge sculptures on rocks which is hard to believe that humans have created and many other things, Nazca lines is one such phenomenon discovered on earth for which there are no solid explanation. These are a series of geoglyphes carved into roughly 200 square mile stretch of dessert, these images can be identified only from above and are very huge to recognize form the grounds, it is believed that the prehistoric Inca people created this, this include the drawings of birds, animals, human like creatures, insects and even a killer whale. These are quite similar to crop circles in size. another amazing thing is that this has been created about a 1000 years ago and yet it still remains for which it is thought that in these desserts only rarely does it rain. The human like creatures that is drawn is very similar to our imagination of aliens so there is also a belief that aliens drew it because during those prehistoric time who else would have a space view of earth other than aliens or humans created it for attracting the creatures for space. Other hypotheses says that even in those ancient times there were equipment that could fly and these lines might be a signal for them. There were even news about some alien like mummies being found in places close to these lines. Though there are mysterious stories surrounding these amazing creation due the lack of clear evidence it is also said that the Inca civilization saw animals and birds as their gods and drew these in order pray to them. These people also had long skulls which they themselves did by tying cloth on their head which might have been done to imitate a god. Even if the lines were drawn by humans and the mummies were of humans then don’t you think there might be a possibility that the god with long head might have been an alien?well there are still no clear evidence of any beliefs and there are people who belief in different stories about these lines, ultimately it ends up in the theory that these Nazca lines do have something unclear things about them.

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