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So, my family is making us go on a family vacation. Obviously, I am against this, as this pandemic is still raging on and I am immunocompromised. I'm super upset about this, duh, but my family already has planned it and they won't listen.

So, I decide, why not make the best of a bad situation. I get some cute new clothes along with a cute black mini backpack. I'm feeling good because I am able to differentiate my style from my twin. I can't stand matching with them as I feel like whenever anyone senses that we are even slightly matching they start to refer to us as one unit when we are in fact two very different people.

I was really really excited about the unique mini backpack, so I went and showed it to my twin, who thought it was cute. So cute, that they had to go and buy THEIR OWN BLACK MINI BACKPACK. Obviously, I was upset by that, and I asked them to maybe try and get a different style of bag. They wouldn't listen to me, insisting that the bags were entirely different because theirs has a pattern on it. They're practically the same thing!

So now I'm going on a family vacation that I could very well die on and I can't even take comfort in my appearance because my twin just had to get a bag that looked exactly like mine.


Lol I love the way you vent. That sarcasm! Anyway on a serious note I can't even imagine how being twins must feel like. I have a best friend and you know whatever I do she does and vice versa such that people don't even bother asking the both of us about something. They're like oh she already chose this so you must also choose this like wth? Even that little thing sometimes annoys me so I can't even measure up how a life-long of that thing must make you feel like. Also have you discussed this with your twin?? Maybe in someway he/she feels the same way? Or generally maybe talk to your parents about this issue. Or well if nothing works out, you just have to keep ignoring till it actually stops mattering to you.
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