my life sucks and i wish my parents weren't such assh*les Confession
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i honestly cant deal with it anymore. i am constantly getting yelled at, threatened and ignored by my parent, i NEVER have my phone consistently for over a week if even. I just got it taken away again after getting it back yesterday at 8:00 at night. My mom and dad have consistently called me fat and telling me i should stop eating and then whenever they lash out on me, they just think they can apologize by giving my kisses on the head before i go to sleep and lightly say their sorry. keep in mind this happens multiple times a week. wanna know why? cause im the least fav child. it fucking sucks. i can get in trouble for things my brother does, get in trouble for things my parents make up in their heads, and just for saying things like "fine" after my mom asks me to do something and then i have to apologize and get something taken away. meanwhile my brother is constantly cursing at his friends, actually talks back to my parents, tells people to KILL THEMSELVES and yells at my parents and yet i cant recall the last time he got his phone taken away. 3 months? 6? also I constantly get reminded of my nephew, he is my age and has sexually assaulted my since we were 5 and nobody knows. like I wanna go see my sister and my other nephews but every time I get sexually assaulted of he tries to have sex with me and i cant just punch him in the face of break his skull and his legs because them ill have to tell everyone why. anyways i gtg but will most likely be back to vent some more.


Hey you do not put up with that nephews shit. Listen to me yayayya "its easy to say its hard to do" stuff spare me that cz I have been in that situation. You know what, maybe your parents will support you and cut ties with the nephew, or they will tell you it was your fault and be normal with the nephew, in both the cases, if you try to stay away from that nephew your parents won't stop you. Well yeah the second part would suck when your parents even don't take a stand yes it really hurts but you know what, they never took your side so not that big of a deal but atleast this thing would stop. IT HAS TO STOP. As kids with parents who assume stuff, punish us for it and then act like nothing happened, they think they are trying to make us strong but instead we keep getting weaker and more insecure. It really hurts! But it is upto you to evolve stronger. You feel like screaming and cryng and don't know how long you can pretend? It is okay!!!!! Just think before you act you can do this!!
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