My friend kind of literally killed me yesterday lol. Confession
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So my friend lets call her aisha, she called me like video call on insta. My mom hates the idea of me having friends (yayaya weird I know but there is not 1 Person in my life she wants me to spend time with its kinda sad she thinks every one is a cheater because of some experiences in her past which she forces on me restricting me to make mistakes and explore on my own but meh okay whatever). So she called, I rarely pick up my phone infront of my mom because lol yeah she has a problem with that too (she kinda real aggressive). Anyway lol I went too off the topic, so this girl calls me I told her I don't have my headset right now so think before you speak. I made the second biggest mistake of my life!!!!!!!!! (First is still dating that toxic ex lol). So mom was infront of her she said "namaste aunty " bla bla.. then she got a call and she said XYZ is calling me. So XYZ is the name of my ex that my mom knew and made a huge scene about like HUGE SCENE!! She made me cut the call then and there and screamed at me like all your friends talk to him thats why I don't want you to talk to him, So XYZ is a common name it wasn't my ex but umm things got messy. That stupid fucking aisha she knows about the dr*ma and yet she just had to say it out aloud ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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