My family issues are not that huge but meh I wish... Confession
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Okay so my relationship with my family is not very good. I mean they have given me everything except love and freedom.. the latter one is justified cz once they did and I misused it which is totally my fault but after that for years I tried to maintain an exceptional performance in academic, extra-curricular doing every thing they want but now the thing is they expect me to do it all the time without giving me any special allowance. I mean I'm not suggesting a barter system but now at least like... so they don't want me to have friends but want people to always praise me. How are they supposed to praise me and be with me when I don't socialize. Its not like I don't want to socialize but when I do people make friends, when you do, you tend to stand up for them, chill with them, share your life with them, else you just have to be isolated. How the hell am I supposed to satisfy all their expectations. I have needed their assurance just one fricking validation for so long now that I'm just insecure about everything! They have made huge sacrifices for me yes!! I respect that with all my heart. All I just want is to be understood and out of this loneliness.

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