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Okay, I'm in 7th grade, and i have to admit, I am thinking about suicide. I'm too fucking stressed all the time. With all this online work, losing friends, and family problems, its honestly just frustrating. I cry myself to sleep almost everynight.

I'm currently failing 4 subjects. i am trying my best to get them up, I really am. And then theres also the fact that I barely have any friends, and my family thinks I'm really weird since my siblings have more friends than me. Sorry that I have really bad anxiety. I literally can't talk to people or I'll feel really sick. I used to have way more friends last year, but they're all online. I really only have 2 friends now. Back onto my parents, well step dad atleast. I decided back in september to tell my mom and step dad that I feel suicidal, and i think i have depression since i cut myself and I always have these thoughts. My mom wanted to help me, and you know what my step dad said? "You have no reason to be depressed" He thinks he knows how I feel, and he thinks he knows everything. He doesn't know what goes on in my mind or at school. But if i ever try to tell him this, he says I'm talking back and then he sends me to my room. Thanks. And it doesn't help me either that my actual dad drinks and gets in trouble with the police. He then goes on to blame me for his drinking problems since i never come and see him anymore. I'm sorry! I don't want to visit you because you committed many small crimes. You should be in jail, but he uses his "ptsd" as an excuse. He was in the army, but he never fought or anything. The only thing he did was cheat on my mom with two other women. He's also had many girlfriends too. They all broke up with him because he's an assh*le. Ugh. I just can't do this anymore

Thanks for coming to my rant


You are always welcome here to vent. I know things can be really hard when nobody understand you. I say this because even my mom has said the same dialogue "You have no reason to be depressed". I was really upset as science has it proven mom!! Then she is all like "these are just illusions to waste money bla bla even we were teenagers one we never felt it". With the temper that I had in those years jes*s I freaked out and exploded so much. Anyway you just have to realize that they don't understand that such concepts are real and we just have to accept that we must not expect anything from them. It is upto us how we handle these feelings. You have 2 friends right? Trust me that is enough. All these people with huge friend circles are kidding themselves if they think they can trust everyone. Now you have no one to stab you behind your back. Don't cut yourself though. You work hard, academically or any other way that excites you and get out of this place!
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