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I have tried antibiotics as well as as homeo medicines for my cold allergy however nothing worked. I never went for ayurvedic because it has a lot of restrictions like no curd, no non-veg and no non-veg for me is a CLEAR NO! However sine past few months I have been experiences serious hair fall issues and I came across VEDIX which was so amazing, the hair quiz told me my exam same problem and the products look so glorious! However it was Rs. 1000 per month which nah! So I tried going to ayurvedic government hospital. So this guy came me these few tablets and an oil and some powder to be mixed with boiled water and stuff and it is DISGUSTING! However after a week I noticed my wh*le body got fattened!! My clothes are all tight and I'm like wtf happened! So I went again for today's appointment and I asked him about it he said it's not a side effect but a "natural effect" to make me stronger!!! I was so angry like the last thing I want right now is to get fat! All I wanted was my hair to stop falling!!

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