Moving on and Getting over someone are totally different concepts. Relationship Significant Others
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I am in my early twenties and obviously all around me are couples and exes, some who mutually ended their former relationships (the count of that is pretty rare lol ) and the rest, who feel betrayed, broken, drowning in their one dimensional misery, feeling empty and surfing through internet for their love-related answers!

The main concern is whether to move on, and the dilemma arises in two cases, one: Its better for me to move on because its a fact, ruining my present by crying is stupidity, two: how can i move on? Why would i want to move on? I loved him/her with all i had and it is not easy for me to do the same! Honestly,, both concerns are quite reasonable.

Let's understand the different between "moving on" and "getting over" which often people confuse the,selves with. When their friends and the internet advise them to forget about it, its impossible to understand HOW! Getting over happens when the person involved in the relationship was not-as-serious to be broken about it! They might not feel happy about the relationship end but it doesn't matter to them so as to spend sleepless nights.

On the other hand, when we are genuinely in love and crazy about someone, we are bound to be broken, have those screaming silent nights all wide awake, overthinking and judging all our actions! Those people need to "move on". It means accepting that the other party is an impossible entity. You keep loving them from a distance, it would be hard, not being able to approach and touch them. But that is what we have to do! Love them for as long as we can endure but leave them to their happy place!


Yes I completely agree with you. It's hard to get over some one and then move on but if we really love them we can love them from a distance. But for this we need to be very strong especially when they are with someone else.
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