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I really hate my mom. Is that normal cause for some reason she just yells at me about school and it feels like she ruining my life everyday. Like I'm just tired, sometimes I want to relive my life or just don't live. Its like when she gets home she only screams at me about my teachers or like just screams at me. By the way im grounded at the time for having bad grades. But when i ask for her help she says " you're independent to do it your self. you have sources", and she'll say to look up still half of the time. I just needed to take this off my chest. ( dont mind photo.)


Hey A, very well understand your feeling. Parents can be nagging, demanding, unreasonable at times but I would suggest that you seek some time out to speak with her calmly or involve your elder siblings or your father to broker the peace and discuss the problems you both are going through. I am sure it is not such a huge problem which cannot be resolved. Take care


I h8 this house and school more than anything in in trouble on punishment and everything else because of school and always school my school blocks everything so it is very hard to do anything on here or cheat for that matter . I fail one class she tells me my life story when I get grown , how she can't wait till my dumb ho ass get out of her house and she can't wait till I turn 18 . Everyone can't have kids and there are people who try for kids and can't have them and I know they would be great parents and then there are people who have kids who don't need/deserve them . My or your parents don't deserve kids they don't need them . My parents be little me and call me all kind of names when I get in trouble you don't deserve kids if you can't understand kids have feelings 2 . bestie I'm always here <3 if you need anything I'm going through the same thing you are just reply to this I'll see it !


It is sad when home is supposed to be your happy place but turns out to be the place you want to escape. I remember how I used to be so happy on my own and whenever my mom would come home I would just keep aside everything else, take my books and just shut up. She had major mood swings and she used to yell at me for literally no reason. I was so scared. They think they know everything, but the truth is they become the very reason why we force ourselves to change without them knowing.
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