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Mental illness is considered as something shameful by most societies and even by people who suffer from such illnesses. In ancient times mental illness was not recognized an illness but was considered to be something supernatural or as a demon possession which led the people to even kill the patients with such illnesses, we are long past this times and now we recognize such illnesses as a medical condition and there are treatments done in psychiatric hospital. But the patients who end up in medical institutions are the ones who have reached their limit in their illness because when these people start to notice that they have the symptoms of such illnesses what they do first is to conceal the fact and try to suppress their illness which only increases the risks of the illness. The main reason for such concealment of mental illness is the way society sees such illnesses, once a person is known to have illnesses like schizophrenia people start to fear them and have the prejudice that they are dangerous. The stigma with depression was almost the same until people started to talk about it publicly and since more people are prone to it, society has started to treat it with sympathy, though what really needed is empathy. But other mental illnesses like schizophrenia or ocd’s are lesser known or is attached with a lot of stigma. Because of this the patients start to fear the outside world and confine to themselves which makes their life lonely and isolated. They have no equal opportunities for job, it is hard for them to get partners who will stay with them, friends and family start to see them as a new creature and they lose normal relations with the people they already know. The stigma goes to the extent that even psychiatric doctors and workers view them with prejudices. In some countries they have acts that ensure that mental patients are not discriminated even in work place, but many other countries have yet to recognize it. What we should realize is that these mental illnesses are only a long term medical condition which can be cured if taken the effort, like how biological illnesses are cured; we just need to take care of the patients as needed. We should never stamp a person schizophrenic because it is not their identity they just suffer from it. There are people with mental illnesses that have achieved a lot in their lives so it is high time we erase the image of a mental patient as someone behind medical bars but just as a normal person, see them with empathy and not sympathy.

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