Mental illness/Eating disorder/Chronic Illness Confession
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It's honestly so, so frustrating when it's like talking to people face to face only makes you feel more alienated cause nobody knows what to say or your personal interests are so "out of touch", when they ghost you because you internalize because PTSD, anxiety, and depression suck. Its frustrating trying to talk about being exhausted, feeling sick all the time, the actual medical scares, ext, that come with having and recovering from anorexia without feeling ashamed or ending up stuck in your head cause nobody knows how much it hurts when they always comment on "holy shit , that's the most you've ate in weeks" , nobody knows how much it sucks when you walk up stairs and now you're ready for a nap, or how humiliating it is when you really like the food you're eating but that plate or bowl looks huge. Its frustrating when the doctors look at you like you're a hypochondriac when you just want to know why you can't eat no matter how bad you want to. Forever stuck watching movies like To The Bone cause there's at least some reassurance that other people know how it's like.


Hey hey hey.relax dear...things will be fine...yes we understand PSTD and anxiety is painful and thats why we have such platforms to share to me...share things and we will chat it out...
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