Marketing skills we have to learn from our mothers/home makers Confession
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To become a successful person in an industry we have to learn marketing skills. We don’t need any special course for this. We can easily learn marketing skills from our mothers. A good mother/homemaker has all the qualities to become a boss in a marketing field.
1) Time Handling
A busy morning will prove to us how mothers are good at time management. Children and fathers are going out at the same time. But mothers never failed to fulfil all our needs at the same time. From this we can learn how to manage the time properly.
2) Effective Communication
A mother is always mentoring, guiding or giving counselling to their children. We can learn listening and proper negotiating skills from these activities.
3) An*lytical Skills
A mother is a perfect problem solver. She may find new problems which she doesn’t know before but she can find solutions for them by creative thinking. Like this we have to change our marketing techniques and should follow new techniques when the time changes.
4) Administrative Skills
Mothers can organize our family functions like a one woman army. No matter how many people are there, they can handle it. We should learn how to cope up with groups and also leadership skills from these things.

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