Making a habit of talking to myself daily! Confession
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We live in the 21st century where everyone is busy with their schools,jobs, colleges. Even if lock down is going on we are still busy as we used to be other days. The remaining time we try to spend it with family or talk with our friends, but we always forget to give some share of time to ourselves. Like for eg- when we are low or happy, we always want to share it with our friends or people we are comfortable with. But in that list we forget ourselves. Why can't we share it with ourselves also? Talking with friends is totally good, we need to share our feelings but side by side why can't we share or talk it out to ourselves also? We can try to speak it out loudly, freely with some dr*ma like we want to us because while speaking to others we still somewhere have to feel "what will people think". We are still not out of our comfort zone while talking to them. We may say everything freely but there is always one or two points which will always be left. We people need some dr*ma or emotions when we are letting it out and with others it's just sort of sober. Considering all this, why can't we make a priority to talk to ourselves daily about whatever happens which will be genuine, transparent with some dr*ma. This will also automatically lead to making ourselves our self priority.


Yes! I think its is a beautiful thought. Friends and family are indeed one of the most precious parts of our lives but what usually happens is that we have an overthinking problem, we share with them, implement their ideas without even getting into touch with our own emotions right? I think we should first sort our idea out like what we want and what we need to do and then modify the plan with their advises.
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