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Increasingly binge-watching shows is becoming a difficult task and so concentrating on complicated plot lines is getting difficult too. This is mostly because at this point, our brains are overworked and troubled, and to concentrate on things requires a lot of patience. Work and the conditions around us have made it impossible for us to keep our anxious thoughts at bay and watching a heavily plotted series talking about real issues must be difficult.
To still feel better and not have to concentrate on plot points one can easily watch a sitcom. A light-hearted show will keep you company and not ask much of you.
This has been the reason why I have been watching One Day At A Time and Schitt's Creek on Netflix. The shows deal with real issues sometimes but its never too heavy and in the long run, they are always just positive and feel good.
If you feel like me, I suggest you watch shows like FRIENDS or HIMYM or Schitt's Creek. They won't ask much of you and they will still make you laugh.
In times like these what's better than a smile on your face.

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