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Im annoyed, frustrated, angry, and depressed right now. I hate life..I'm so sick of school.. “School this” and “school that”!!, it's like every second people are talking about school and are concerned with how I'm doing.. I JUST DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! I'm already in it 24/7, and I “focus” on it 24/7… I know I’m doing bad! I know that my teachers are concerned… I DONT CARE!!!.. I stopped caring once I realized I was stuck in this stupid pandemic distance situation. Once I realized that my entire senior year was ripped away from me., I stopped caring. Sure I feel bad for the teachers who try, but as for me. I don't care anymore. I already failed, and Yes it's a failure because until things can get back to normal until I stop getting depressed and anxious when thinking about school, I will not be getting back up to try again… That's just cuz I'm stupid and I know it… Quit trying to get involved in my school life mom and Dad!!! It’s enough to have my school in my face, I don't need you to be in my face too. I’m sick of this. Just let me suffer alone! I don't want to open up to you guys about it. I already open up about everything else, school doesn’t need to be included. IM SICK OF THIS! I'm bitter and angry! I have been since this wh*le thing started. SO Yeah, Don't blame me for not caring anymore… I'm just a stupid incompetent person anyway. Not like I was ever gonna do anything great, to begin with. NO, I know that I will do great things, but I don't feel like it right now. I haven't felt like it for a really long time. Why does my entire future rely on right now? Why does a stupid letter in the grade book determine my success? Why does my future success depend on how well I'm able to cope with a pandemic? IM STUPID! That's what I am!!.. Everyone else is doing amazing, everyone is getting things done and moving forward with life, so why am I stuck? Does nobody else care? Or do I just care too much? See, I can't let go of this, an entire year of my life that I looked forward to for 17 years, is gone. An entire year of my life is gone. Relationships are gone, school is gone, passion is gone, ambition is gone, life is gone, faith is gone, everything is gone. My life is just an empty void with depression waiting to attack. And I am merely an actor who appears as put together… the problem with me, is that I know what to do, I know what is right, I know what will fix my problems, but I’m too stupid and lazy to do it. That's the truth, the truth is that I live the life of a fool, holding the glue for the broken pieces, but never actually using it.


Oh you are not stupid dude! You would never be able to realise your problems and know how to fix it if you were stupid. For stupid people, things don't matter. For you, it does matter, you are just too tired to give an effort. And you're not lazy you are just not in a mood1 If you get that random energy out of no where I am pretty sure you'd do anything and everything possible. Yeah it sucks when all your fantasies get shattered alright! It will pass. You will sulk about it for the rest of your life lol like I'm not going to sugarcoat it for you but love it will pass! Try to chill out watching movies or singing or randomly dancing till you get the vibe
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