Life is acc*mulating and I think it's getting to my health Relationship Myself
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So been having migraines for 2 weeks. Usually they go away fast but these are lasting for ever!
I think it's an acc*mulation of a few stressants
One, Valentine's, two family home is getting too crowded and it's getting hard for us to do our own thing, three detaching from my cats, four moving out, five paying a car off, six helping my brother okay insurance, seven helping him pay to fix the car, seven paying a ticket I got for the accident that caused the previous, eight spending time to tech my little brother, nine helping my girlfriend with her BPD and ten getting through my goals and creating new ones to pay for everything mentioned before. These are just the few main ones I can think of... I have some sort of idea to get through these but I keep procrastinating lol


Calm have everything listed down which is great. Don't you think you have already made it damn easy for yourself to sort things out.start with the list, start with the ones which are urgent and finish off everything..and soon you will find you have nothing left :)
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