Laziness have only increased during this pandemic and it is really depressing. Daily Drag
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I am a college student and as all of you I am also struggling in this lock-down period, I have this urge to study but I am not able to bring myself to do it, I am lazy even to do my assignments I know that I’ll have to write exams and I really do want to focus more on studies but I don’t know, maybe I am just lazy or I may not have enough passion to concentrate completely on academics. My friends are studying for various higher level exams seriously, I have also applied for it, but I am not doing any work for it. These really depresses me that I am such lazy potato. Because in this competitive world without giving my all I won't be able to achieve anything. I know those things but I am only a thinker and not a doer. I really hate myself for being like this. In this lock-down not being able to go to college has only increased this laziness of mine, I am really clueless on why am I only worrying and not working for it. I know that only I can change this mentality but something invisible is preventing me from dedicating myself to academics. I don't know what it is. I even think that I should get some counselling to get rid of this nasty habit of mine. I guess everyone is doing their best in these time and I am sure that I am not one of them and it really depresses me.

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