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Media and reporting areas are still a less explored area for women especially Muslim women as she has to face double discrimination as a woman as well as for wearing a hijab. In media and other aspects of the social life hijab was always mocked at and It was difficult for muslim women to prove her talents remaining in hijab. But even in such dire situations there is name that all women look upto that is khadeeja Bin Ganna the journalist selected as one of the most influential journalist in 2014 times review. She is an Algerian journalist who has over 9 million followers in facebook and instagr*m who became her fans for her courage and bravery, graduated in 1988 in media studies she stepped into the journalist realm in a young age where obviously it was hard for a woman to prove her intelligence considering the patriarchal situations, but she soon earned name for her brave on-site reporting from war sites like Algerian civil war, the Gulf war, the Afghan, Iraq, Lebanon wars. Her bravery was such that she had the will to get into the challenging waters of journalism when even now girls think twice about. She has taken ground marking interviews with various world leaders. To her credit lies her participation in the establishment of the Arab channel Al-Jazeera known for it outspoken views which has not feared to always report the truth and which now has international viewership. She stands as an ideal for the youth to whom she passes her passion of speaking truth without fear which is what today’s youth must study uncompromisingly.

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