Justice has become just a fantasy in India. Current Affairs
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Justice in India has become a fiction that only resides in books and papers and on mouths of some people. People in India has now learned their lessons to not keep any hope on the judiciary on giving justice to cases that go against the ruling government. Since an opinionated government has taken over India almost all cases against the government has given out favoring verdicts. It’s been days that democratic Indians have been in their lamenting days, mourning for an India that once was a democracy. first happened the Harthas case in Uttarpradesh where a dalit girl was gang raped who died soon after giving her complaint with an almost cut off tongue where the atrocities done to her and her family just disgusts anyone because this is happening in an India where B.R Ambedkar wrote the constitution, the cruelties done to dalits have to get more media attention and more protests have to be done which is not happening, Indians are mere puppets now in governments hands. The police, the ruling government are all teaming against the innocent girl who is not even alive, Uttarpradesh government is even restricting activists and politicians to visit the place which all shows that they are completely guilty of the happened crime. Another minority that has lost hope is the Muslims whose identity and existence is all a big question mark in a country where the judiciary acquitted the conspiracy leaders of the Babri Masjid demolition case after 82 years of hearing. the hate speeches, the photos everything is available to even the common people that proves that these leaders have instigated the crime but for judiciary these are not evidences, they are something that cannot prove what it clearly stands for. Now such news that prove the death of judiciary is almost become usual for the so called democratic India

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