Just struggling with my life. questioning if i should run away and start my own life need advice please Confession
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Recently My parents took everything from me because i had sex with my girlfriend. i turned 18 8 days ago and felt like i could do what i wanted so i did that, and then my friend had the audactiy to tell them. now my life is falling apart.theyre threatening to make me move out if i dont break up with the woman that i love, and quit the job (That i work with her at) They took my cell phone, my car, my credit card, everything, My parents are mormon and i left the church just recently my parents have zero trust but are taking away everything that would make them be able to trust me really need other peoples opinions and advice as to what to do, I CANT GO THE REST OF MY SENIOR YEAR WITHOUT A PHONE OR CAR. Need advice.


RH...don't feel bad...talk to your parents...tell them that they can't be doing this and having sex with your gf is not a crime. See what reservations they have, best to talk than just lose patience. Start to bring back your life...nothing is lost...
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