Just need to vent some stuff out Daily Drag
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Okay so, this my first time using this website (I dont think its even made for me honestly lmao) and I probably wont anymore after this. I just need to get some shit off my chest that I cant normally.
I don't know how to star this but things have been rough for me. I've been isolating myself for over 4 months from my friends and no one has even batted an eye or made an attempt to contact me. I didn't do this to show off or something like that, but I just cant bring myself to try to connect with other people right now. My mental health has been at one of the worst declines I've experienced and I have zero support system right now. But I guess no one listens to me anyways. They just nod and only seem to enjoy me as entertainment. I'm so disconnected from my sense of self and who I am. I don't know who I am. I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for the promise of medical transition and my boyfriend's support.
I've been having nightmares and this is a rare thing for me and I keep getting reminded of past trauma that just leaves me in shambles. Even the way someone talked that reminded me of a shitty fucking person I knew when I was younger was enough to cause me to breakdown. I'm dealing with self harm urges and I'm only keeping myself from indulging in it because I know my family and friends would be disgusted with me.
I don't feel real at all lately. I need help but I don't think anyone really truly cares enough to give a shit. I cant connect anymore and its fucking tearing me apart. I hate it.
I cant properly articulate or internlinze everything thats happening to me right now but thanks for reading.


Been there, I mean skeptical about this website but I have been here for more than ten months now. Wow now that I think of it what a sad life lmao. Anyway but it has helped me a lot to let things out so maybe keep writing nobody knows you right so its all great and you will find people going through the same shit as me. I don't know anything about you but the fact that you explained ,y exact situation lol its like we been through the same thing, from isolation, to that one fucking past trauma to urges. The only difference is that my friends are GOLDEN and they want me back but they respect the fact that I'm dealing with stuff thats the only good thing in my life really but other than that I AM JUST SOO DONE DUDE
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