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Let's all be honest, we have all had a tough year with lonely times because of the isolating quarantine. But that's alright of course, all of us have felt bad once or twice or many more times in this duration. It is important that we look at things properly.
Many of us go back to toxic friends and relationships just because we feel isolated. Most of us go back to things that have hurt us over and over again because we feel like if we left that behind we would be all alone.
I have had a revealing time, a few years ago in isolation I reconnected with a bunch of people from the past who have caused a world of hurt. I was hoping to escape all the loneliness in my life then and the only way was to walk back to others. The truth was I knew that it was unfair of me to ask these things and become friends again with those people but at that point in life I thought it would be better to be miserable than be lonely.
I can understand if you feel that way these days but it is not right. It is harming yourself. And you know that. You deserve better. You deserve people who treat you well and not those who hurt you. You are important. Don't ever forget that.

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