Jaya bachchan went to parliament and spoke against some people who were quite wrong Current Affairs
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As circ*mstances are happening today plenty of questions about bollywood is coming and lots of them are true . One of them is drugs , we all know that drugs is spoiling our country 's youth and totally rubs there future, so many stars in the film industry that take drugs and that' s right . Jaya bachchan ji feels we should try to malign bollywood but it does not. This point is a bit more grave and it should not be too difficult to come up with this point so that we can know where it is from and we have to save our country 's youth, it has to go to its root because the drugs are supplied from various parts of our country from the Pakistan border, from Nepal, Punjab border, that is something really bad is happing so we have to stop it.


Yeah, the bollywood industry influences a lot of people. There are hard seated fans of movies and actors and the aura has mended in a way that everyone wants to be exactly like their idol and I'm afraid if they would start choosing the wrong path amidst these blurry exposures.
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