Islamophobia and why people believe in it. Current Affairs
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once when me and my mom was crossing the grounds of a temple to the opposite road one man who was passing by us said to us ‘you shouldn’t walk on these grounds, this is our place’, I was shocked to hear that because I have grown up here, I have walked there millions of times, I have attended the festivals there with my friends, so why should this man talk like this to us. This was the first time I was encountering an islamophobic experience that too in south India which I think is comparatively the secular place than north India. Around the world millions of people are facing such atrocities just because they are Muslims, Haven’t we seen killing and mob lynching against Muslims for reasons that were not even proved, so why is that people are changed into islamophobic criminals to the extent that they commit murders, many of these murderers were just common people whose transformation into criminals were a surprise to their neighbors who had known them for so long. Similar change in the mindset of people was seen in history when Hitler ruled Germany, and there are real life accounts of former Nazis who after many years realized the cruelty they were committing. To metamorphose people to hate spitting beings the main strategy that the rulers take is the circulation of lies or distorting truth to the extent that even Muslims believe those, the things that we always hear about Muslims are that they are polygamous, their main aim is to increase their population and fill the country with Muslims and the myth called ‘love-jihad. When we search for truths we can know that only 0.66% of our population is polygamous and in it 0.45% are Hindus, it is Hindu families that have 4 children or more than Muslim families. If Love jihad as some people argue has converted women into Muslims then census must show an increase in Muslim women but it is a fact that more than Hindu women Muslim have been seen as deteriorating and the reasons are completely different than what is circulated. Today the islamophobia are surging in from social medias and many other sites that even common people are injected with violent mentalities, the power of such lies are seen all around us in different forms of violence. What is sad is that,The people who are the real culprits behind these lies sit safe from all risks while simple common people are urged to commit crimes and suffer the punishments.

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