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Now a days we are using Google as search engine. Whatever doubt it is we search answers on Google. By doing this we are limiting our knowledge. Imagine in those days if we want to do a project we search a lot by reading books, meeting new people,etc… we get new idea from this. But today we just copy everything from the Google. Google only have limited information. For example a teacher asked their students to write an assignment on nose pins. A student searches the topic on Google. The Google shows that nose pin is an accessory of Indian women they wear this on their nose. Another student does research about the topic by gathering information from her grandma. Her grandma said that according to Hindu believes the air comes from the women nostrils having more power when compared to men to control that power women wearing nose pins on their noses. Compare these two concepts the first one’s assignment is not so informative but the second one’s assignment is unique. Similarly we all get limited information from Google but when we search out of Google we learn lots of new things. Of course Google saves a lot of time but it is good to learn unique ideas.


Wow the thing about nose-pins is a new concept that I learnt today thank you for that! Your point is absolutely valid, but it all points to the education system as well. yes there exist some students who won't research for no matter what and there are the toppers who would research regardless of google. However the average students are stuck up in the middle. They want time, and resources which the system doesn't provide and ultimately it all comes down to grades and they are compelled to adopt the no-so-effective way of education!
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