Is Astral projection experiences of people true? Daily Drag
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Have you heard that during this lock down since no one is able to go out of their homes some group of people are using astral projection for going out and exploring the world since astral projection does not place any risks of communication with other people or spreading of viruses? There are experiences by people that record the out of the body sensations they faced during near death situations while astral projection is intentional way of going out of the body. There are many people that claim to have acquired the ability of astral projection which they learned through some means, some people experience it while sleeping while there are people who can do it while simply resting. These experiences are where our soul can travel to different places once It escapes from the physical body. It is not known how far it can go but it is believed that these souls can go through walls and ceilings because these souls are the same air like existences that we see in movies. For those who have seen the movie ‘doctor strange’ can easily understand how this is though it has some unbelievable elements in the movie. If astral projection has no limits then many things that cause risks to the human body can be done easily, like finding humans under earthquake rubbles and like. The main reason for the lack of scientific approval for astral projection is the existence of soul because science has still to prove the existence of spirit and also these astral projections has no tangible proofs other than anecdotes. So it is still not clear whether astral projection is possible and if possible it can be both exciting and scary.

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