Intuition is more than just an inner noise. Daily Drag
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we have all had that moment when we had this gut feeling that something is wrong in a situation, then we forget about it, but later on that feeling just hits the mark and prove to be true, and we get surprised by the accuracy of our first feeling. this is what we call intuition, the great gift of humanity, it is the ability to understand or decide something without the need for conscious reasoning, it just pops in our mind. I have had such few experiences where my first gut feeling was proved to be true, for me it is very rare. but our mothers and grandmothers have this intuition which almost seems as prediction power with them, it is our mother who will predict take something with us when we go out which we might question but finally would come in handy, they know when something is in a position about to fall, they say that don’t go to that place today, it might seem as an ability acquired from practice or experience, that is exactly what intuition is. Our brain feeds the patterns of various things so it has the ability to foresee what might happen in a certain situation. Humans have reached this stage of evolution through intuition because as primitive beings, it might be these gifts which is unique to humans that might have helped to survive great disasters. We happen to have this only rarely but it is said that it happens all the time, we just don’t pay attention to it, or reject it by considering our inner sound as something bizarre. It is said that we must give our brains its space and time without rushing anything, only then will it reveal its miracle like intuition. Though intuition can be right, it is not wise to only depend on it, sometimes we should also consider data. Sometimes after considering data we must give our minds to make the decision. Mindfulness and meditation is said to project these abilities which according to many famous people is very important that we develop to have a stress-free life. Give value to our inner feelings sometimes.

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