India's Lock down techniques back fired Confession
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India is reporting around 90,000 Corona cases per day. Our neighbor countries like Pakistan,Nepal, Bangladesh are reporting less number of cases when compare to us. Pakistan reports only 500 cases on September 14. An interesting fact is these countries won’t implement Lock down like India. Then how is it possible. The reason is India's Lock down idea was back fired. We implement Lock down to control the movement of people but after implement migrant workers move to their places because they had no work there. When people migrated the virus also migrated. This is the truth. The countries which didn’t implement Lock down are having an advantage because no people were migrate their they closed nothing . So people won’t migrate in those countries by default virus spread is also controlled. I don’t the how India is going to tackle this toughest situation. Even in village the virus is spreading. We have to follow the safety measures properly. Social distancing is the best way to control the spread. Don’t forget that. Whenever you go outside be careful. Don’t go outside with out a mask. Always bring a hand sanitizer with you.we have to fight together in this situation not physically but mentally.

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